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Summer 2011 Update

Thank you for visiting the Lake Metroparks, OH Alternative Spring Breaks trip blog! This blog is inactive for the time being. It will be active once again in November 2011, when the new Coordinators for this trip are hired. Feel free to browse the information on this blog to get an idea of what the trip has done in the past. If you have questions about this trip, contact the Boston University ASB Program Managers, Leif Hede-Brierley and Suchie Ravindran, at



So we are the new coordinators for the 2011 ASB trip to Lakemetroparks.   This trip will focus on the environmental issue area along with various snow activities.  Lake Metroparks is a system of parks located in Ohio right below Lake Erie.  We will be staying in a log cabin for the duration of our stay, and yes there is a fire place.  Be sure to follow our blog as we figure out the activities we will be doing during the break.

Twitter: @BUASB & @Lake_Metroparks


Welcome ASBerz

YES! Congratulations on choosing Lake Metroparks for you ASB trip!

We are sOoO excited to see, meet and get to know everyone. We are confident that this will be one of your best experiences at BU. We are going to do a lot of good to help the environment and we will also have a ridiculous amount of fun.

AND If you have any urgent questions you can contact us at or


Info sessions throw down


The time has come for ASB registration! This year over 300 volunteers and 70 coordinators will complete over 16,800 hours of service!

While there are 35 trips to choose from – let me make your decision a little easier.  Only one is the best.  Lake Metro Parks.

To join our already amazing team, which is destined only to get better, visit Come to the info sessions to meet us and ask us all your questions! We look forward to seeing you there!

The Lake Metroparks weather report!

Good afternoon everyone!

Though it is extremely windy and chill here in Boston, what is happening in good ol’ Lake Metroparks? Personally, we’re a bit jealous because they are already seeing some snow! The weather is a little chillier out there because it borders Lake Erie of the great lakes. By the time we drive out to Lake Metroparks in March we’re looking at a high of 46 degrees and a low of 29 degrees so we’ll have to dress warmly!! Who knows, if they see enough snow out there, we’ll be working at the Pine Lodge Ski Center (

That’s all I have for today world. We’ll see you in the New Year!

Peace and ASBLove,


What do you think??

Hello world!

Hello world!

Peter and I are super excited to start planning our trip to Lake Metroparks, OHIO!! So far we have contacted the site and are working on planning the fun activities we have in store for you all! Lake Metroparks sounds really excited to have us and we are really excited to plan the trip! We’ll keep you updated as we gain more info!!